Estonian expo pavilion focuses on technology, food and nature ({{commentsTotal}})

Enterprise Estonia has made public the list of companies that will represent Estonia at Expo 2015 world's fair, set to open in Milan on May 1.

The Estonian pavilion, called the "Gallery of _," will feature well-known Estonian enterprises like Skype, Estonia Pianos, A Le Coq, and Click&Grow, as well as the Let's do it! World Cleanup project and the Estonian Woodhouse Association.

Architect Jaanus Orgusaar, the best Estonian fashion designers, and a number of smaller companies and start-ups like Khisbath, Derelict, Renard, Stigo Bike and Raybike, among many others, will also be represented.

Project leader Andres Kask said that the expo is Estonia's largest marketing event in 2015 and that he believes it will greatly benefit all participants.

Enterprise Estonia has currently signed participation contract with 23 companies or associations. Around as many are yet to be signed.

This year's expo will be held under the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life." Participating countries are encouraged to display technology, innovation, culture and traditions that relate to subsistence and sustainability.

The Estonian pavilion, with a total exhibition area of 1,010 square meters, consists of several galleries, with organic food, unspoiled nature, and modern information society forming the conceptual backbone of the display titled "Landscape on a Plate."

The pavilion will have two eateries that offer a chance to try out fresh Estonian food. The ground floor open gallery will host concerts, fashion shows and a world record attempt in kiiking.

Estonian Air will open a Tallinn-Milan direct route for the duration of the world's fair.

Click here to watch another promotional video of the Gallery of _ in Estonian, and here for an Italian version.

Editor: M. Oll

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