KaPo: terrorism threat exists, but is not increasing ({{commentsTotal}})

Harrys Puusepp. Source: ERR

Despite media reports of a number of people traveling to Syria to fight for and against the Islamic State, there is no reason to believe the threat of terrorism in Estonia has increased, says Harrys Puusepp, the spokesman for KaPo, the Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS).

“We are not talking about tens of people – we are talking about a few individuals,” Harrys told ETV, adding that KaPo does know the name of all the people who have traveled from Estonia to Syria.

“If he (Abdurrahman Azan) decides and manages to return to Estonia, then KaPo will have a great part in gathering information on what his possible goals could be in Estonia – whether he wants to in some capacity use in Estonia what he has learned in Syria. What we can say now is that the threat has moved closer to Estonia,” he said, adding that terrorism events in the world so far have not affected Estonia enough to speak of a threat increase in Estonia.

Puusepp said that gathering information from Syria on what the Estonians are doing there is very difficult. “No person in Estonia has faced a court with terrorism charges.”

He said that individuals who have become self-radicalized, mainly through the internet, pose an especially high threat. “This is certainly a place where different people can help. If they have noticed someone being inspired by violence.”

“If someone starts to believe violent Islam is the solution, and that it should be the basis of our lives in Estonia, or if that person wants to use violence to direct Estonia in that direction, then that should be reported as early as possible.” Puusepp said.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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