Battle for the future of Ukraine at hand, says Estonian officer ({{commentsTotal}})

The battle to see who will decide the fate of Ukraine is going on right now, says Lieutenant Colonel Eero Rebo, the deputy head of the Estonian Defense Forces HQ.

The separatists are likely to have problems holding the line, Rebo told ETV, adding that separatists also want to pile military pressure on the Ukrainian government, as they have their own political agenda.

“It is a debate over principles about who will decide the future of Ukraine, as war is just a tool. The final decisions will be taken politically behind a table,” he said.

The Russian troops in the east of the country will make life difficult for Ukraine and will cause great battles, Rebo said, adding that they do not threaten the existence of the Ukrainian state. “The number and size, which has crossed the border, can not achieve a great breakthrough in Ukraine, can not conquer and hold great areas,” he said.

Editor: J.M. Laats, S. Tambur