We have much to learn from Baltic neighbors, says police and border guard chief ({{commentsTotal}})

Head of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Elmar Vaher, said that Latvia has already finished building up its border with Russia while Lithuania is close to finishing, adding that Estonia, which is yet to sign a border treaty, has much to learn from both nations.

Vaher said that one of the main differences is that in Estonia, the police and border guard institutions have been merged, while in Latvia and Lithuania they are still separate.

“It [erection of the border] would greatly help guard the border with fewer resources. We are also doing a good job, but right now it takes too much man power,” Vaher said.

Vaher spoke at a meeting of border guards of the Baltic nations, saying that criminals are monitoring them to see where borders have been tightened and from where it would be more convenient to break into the EU.

“Our primary task is to receive information about Latvia and Lithuania,” he said, adding that they would like to know how the Russian and Belorussian border guards work and what are the dangers and risks (of a fully built border).

Editor: J.M. Laats, S. Tambur