Otepää to host another European Sauna Marathon, registration now open ({{commentsTotal}})

The annual European Sauna Marathon, the 6th of its kind, will take place on February 22 in Estonian winter capital Otepää. The registration opened today and sauna enthusiasts can sign up for the challenge until February 10.

Participating 4-member teams will have to spend at least three minutes in all the saunas listed by the organizers. The team that finishes the "course" first is declared the winner. Teams are awarded bonus points for using the hot tubs, and diping into ice holes and cold water pools provided by the sauna owners.

The race will start at noon in Kääriku Leisure and Sports Center. Participants have five hours to complete the challenge. All participants must sign a form to confirm that they are medically fit to take part in the race.

The Otepää sauna marathon has proved very popular. In 2014, 170 teams (nearly 700 people), including 15 from abroad, set about the course. The US team was captained by none other than ambassador Jeffrey Levin. There were also teams from Germany, Spain, France, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Norway and many other countries.

The winners, team "Reeliikvia" ("The Relic", perhaps inspired by the ever-popular 1969 film "The Last Relic"), visited 20 saunas in 2 hours and 29 minutes. This year's winners will get their very own barrel hot tub.

The participants traditionally also vote for the Best Sauna. Last year, the title went to legendary Sokka smoke sauna.

Video of last year's shenanigans. Warning: graphic content, contains a man in a green mankini.

Editor: M. Oll

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