IRL to snub Tallinn TV election debate ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: A snapshot from the Video of the drone

IRL said it will not take part in a pre-election debate organized by Tallinn TV (TTV), saying the city-funded TTV is just a propaganda tool for Center Party Mayor Edgar Savisaar.

“IRL finds it impossible to participate in election debates of the 3.4-million euro tax-payer funded Saavsaar's propaganda channel. Tallinn TV is unethical and belongs in the ash heap of history,” IRL MP Siim Kiisler said, Defli reported.

He said that the TV station is just the tip of the iceberg, “What is taking place in Tallinn, is a wider problem. Savisaar has fiddled with city funds for years, using hundreds of thousands euros of public money for Center Party election ads.”

IRL has repeatedly submitted bills to Parliament to stop local governments spending tax-payer funds on self-promotion close to elections, Kiisler said, adding that other parties should also boycott TTV debates.

At a live TTV debate before the 2013 local elections, a drone was spotted hovering behind the windows of the studio. The drone, which was caught on camera, was equipped with IRL ads.

Editor: J.M. Laats, S. Tambur