Parental involvement no longer required for teen abortions ({{commentsTotal}})

The Parliament passed an amendment to the Termination of Pregnancy and Sterilization Act that cancels restrictions to a minor's access to abortion, a limitation that was deemed unconstitutional.

The passed act restores the regulation that was in force until 2009, and allows a minor's pregnancy to be terminated at her own request, if the minor is deemed capable of understanding the pro and contra arguments involved in the decision to have an abortion.

Heljo Pikhof, the head of the parliament's Social Affairs Committee, said that a request needs to be in a written form and is only valid if the girl has received prior counselling, and there is documentation to prove it.

Previously, a guardian's consent was also needed to terminate the pregnancy.

The law also requires health care professionals to explain the biological and medical nature of termination of pregnancy and the involved risks, including the potential complications, to the woman or the guardian of the woman, considering the procedure.

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