Lobjakas: Greece using sanctions veto as negotiation tactic ({{commentsTotal}})

Ahto Lobjakas
Ahto Lobjakas Source: ERR

The new Greek government is using the Russian sanctions, which it says it is against, as part of a negotiation tactic over its debt, says Estonian political commentator Ahto Lobjakas.

“This is a natural maneuvering or tactical play. Greece's aims are foremost financial, connected with the debt. Greece's election campaign was anti-austerity,” Lobjakas told ERR radio.

“I believe that this is one part of a wider program of negotiations, as Germany, through foreign minister Wolfgang Schäuble and Chancellor Angela Merkel, has said that there will be no concessions by Germany and the debt will not be forgiven. Greece has nothing left, but to escalate and this is done through a politically rational topic, as the nation has practically no more economical arguments left,” he said.

Lobjakas said that if Greece does not find a solution concerning the debt, it is likely it will drum up support for the anti-Russian-sanctions camp even harder.

Editor: J.M. Laats