Main proving ground should be enlarged to accommodate tanks, says minister ({{commentsTotal}})

The Central Training Area of the Estonian Defense Forces near Tapa, has to be enlarged to allow tank training exercises, says Defense Minister Sven Mikser.

The Tapa military base has so far only seen NATO combat vehicles, but no tanks, which are based in Latvia, ETV reported.

Mikser said Estonia should do everything in its power to accommodate more allied troops, including create possibilities for heavy weapons training. “That needs thorough planning and real estate development, and if necessary, buying up new land,” he said.

Lt. Col. Aron Kalmus, who is taking part in a 1,200-strong winter maneuvers during the next two weeks, said Finland's main military training area is around 350,000 hectares, while Estonia's one is just 12,000 hectares.

During the Soviet era, the main proving ground near Tapa was three times of its current size.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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