Equality commissioner takes job search sites to task ({{commentsTotal}})

Commissioner Mari-Liis Sepper
Commissioner Mari-Liis Sepper Source: Photo: Courtesy Sotsiaalministeerium

The gender equality commissioner has taken issue with job search websites for asking questions that go against equal employment principles.

The official, Mari-Liis Sepper, sent a memo to online sites noting that asking candidates for information on gender, age, ethnicity and whether they have children is discriminatory.

Sepper said the practice contributed directly to companies discriminating in deciding on whom to hire.

"The curriculum vitae forms used on these sites and the search filters make it possible for employers to filter out people they deem unsuitable due to personal prejudices. Above all, this has to do it parents of young children, women and over-50 candidates in regard to whom employers are negatively predisposed.

Sepper emphasized that people relied on employment for subsistence and their self-concept and dignity.

Sepper said the CV forms asking for personal details were a "thing of the past." "These are data with regard to which employers should not seen be interested at all."

The legislation this contravened, said Sepper, included the constitution, the Equal Rights Act, Gender Equality Act and the Employment Contracts Act.

By law, the websites will have 45 days to respond to the commissioner explaining how they propose to redesign the sites to avoid discrimination.

Editor: K. Rikken