Meth 'megalab' operators sentenced ({{commentsTotal}})

Harju County Court has imprisoned two men who were caught building what was believed to be a drug lab big enough to flood Tallinn with amphetamines.

Andrei Železkin, 30, and Marjan Tinitski, 28, were sentenced to eight years and six months in prison, and the Heisenberg of the operation, a chemist named Gotthard Šreiberg, 46, was sentenced to three and a half years, Postimees reported.

After a days-long surveillance operation, police swooped down on a hangar in Kose, Harju County last summer, confiscating 15 kilograms of amphetamine.

"Upon seeing the quantity of chemicals in that hangar, we could only wonder at the size of the men's ambitions in the drugs trade," said one of the criminal investigation police force's lead detectives, Ago Leis.

Both of the organizers had had previous drug arrests, getting caught with 2,060 MDMA tablets coming back from Lithaunia in 2012. They had secreted the ecstasy in a Pringles potato chip can, using a glue gun. They received real jail time on that occasion, but by 2013 they were out.

Editor: K. Rikken