Tartu opens a 400-meter bridge ({{commentsTotal}})

The Ihaste bridge across the Emajõgi in Tartu was opened to traffic on Monday.

“The bridge gives us another opportunity to cross the Emajõgi. […] the river is a physical hindrance for our movement and the more bridges we have the better. All that traffic, all those cars, must currently go through Tartu city center,” said Andres Pool, deputy head of the city management department in Tartu.

Pool added that all traffic that wishes to pass Tartu should be diverted around the city, not through it, saying that this is the goal they are working towards.

The bridge is part of a larger project to divert traffic from the center. The entire project will see the construction of 5 kilometers of roads, which includes the new bridge, at a total cost of 45 million euros, of which 37.7 million euros will come from EU funds.

Editor: J.M. Laats