Loose ends with Russia not in Estonia's interests, says academic ({{commentsTotal}})

University of Tartu international law professor Lauri Mälksoo said he sees nothing negative about ratifying the Russian-Estonian border treaty and any loose ends with the eastern neighbor should be tied up.

“It is clear that Russia has picked a path of revisionism in the wider context of international relations and international law, but if the current regime shows initiative and ratifies the border treaty with us, I would not see anything negative in this,” he told ETV.

Mälksoo said the incident with Estonian intelligence official Eston Kohver might not have taken place in its current format, had the treaty been signed.

Estonia does not know how important the treaty with Estonia is for Russia, he said, adding that Russia's political elite might not be that united, pointing to the fact that Russian FM Sergey Lavrov recently said the treaty could be ratified soon.

Editor: J.M. Laats