Green deeds of the year: recycling app and saving birds ({{commentsTotal}})

The top prize at awards announced by Environment Minister Mati Raidma was split between the map application, where people can find information on where to take their unwanted items for recycling, and the Estonian Ornithological Society's common kingfisher project. The latter also won the public vote.

The frog saving initiative in Porkuni, Lääne-Viru County, and the cleanup of an oil spill in Harku in northern Estonia were also recognized.

"All those involved in the projects nominated for this year's awards have put in a lot of time and effort to save and improve our environment. Be is small or large, every single deed sets an example to others, and motivates us to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle," Raidma said. is a map application that helps people locate the nearest recycling pin or waste collection point. The app contains information on more than 5,300 places, where people can take anything from their old clothes and electronics to furniture and construction waste.

The bird of the year project introduced Estonians to the common kingfisher, who people will now be able to spot in the nature and value accordingly. The ornithological society stood out for the variety of activities and wide public outreach program it undertook to fulfill its objectives. The project included research activities like surveys, as well as a drawing competition, and a short animation.

A school in Porkuni was also recognized for arranging an operation to save frogs from being run over by cars during their spring migration period. The students and staff collected over 1,000 amphibians from the roads and delivered them to safety.

Val Rajasaar, Katre Kuusik, Nele Nõu, Kady-Ann Sutt, Agni Kaldma and Aare Kasvandik were recognized for organizing a shift cleanup of an oil spill that polluted a local beach in Harku parish. The event was attended by hundreds of volunteers. The clean-up saved numerous birds, who nest in the Muraste area, from being contaminated.

This was the 11th time the Ministry of the Environment is handing out the green deed awards.

Editor: M. Oll

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