UK to send four fighter jets to Ämari in May ({{commentsTotal}})

British defence secretary Michael Fallon has announced that the UK will send four RAF Typhoon jets to support the Nato's Baltic air policing mission.

The Typhoons will operate alongside Norwegian aircraft between May and August 2015, with the aim of securing Nato's airspace over Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, which do not have their own air defence fighters. The British jets will operate at Nato's request from Ämari Airbase in Estonia, Fallon said at the British parliament.

Captain Arvo Jõesalu from the Estonian Defense Forces confirmed to ERR News that the information is correct and further details will follow soon.

The Baltic Air Policing mission was established in 2004, to assist Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who have no airborne air defense capability of their own and was extended indefinitely in February 2012. The aim of the mission is to prevent unauthorized incursion into the airspace of the Baltic states and its most frequent duty is intercepting Russian aircraft and escorting them from the area. To the west of the Baltic states’ airspace is an air corridor often used by aircraft traveling to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad from territorial Russia.

Editor: S. Tambur