Estonian Film Institute to fund two new feature films ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian Film Institute (EFI) has approved funding to two new films from Toomas Hussar and Triin Ruumet in 2015.

The first film to receive funds will be Toomas Hussar’s "The Spy and The Poet" (Luuraja ja luuletaja), a tragicomic story about a spy who examines the nature of power, identity, morality and freedom. It is due to star Estonian actors Jan Uuspõld and Rain Tolk. Hussar’s previous film "Mushrooming" proved to be both a domestic and international success with the film screening in the East of the West competition at the Karlovy Vary and other international film festivals. Hussar will look to bring his clever blend of genres to his latest film. The film – produced by Allfilm - will have a 890,000-euro budget, with 389,000 provided by EFI. Filming will begin in May 2015 and the film is due to be released in the spring of 2016.

The other film to receive funding is Triin Ruumet’s feature length debut "Days That Confused" (Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse) a drama about the 90s generations search for meaning and hope in a complicated life. Ruumet has already made a number of well-regarded shorts and she – and her entire production team – represent the new wave of Estonian filmmakers who will continue to create new ways of looking at the world. The film, produced by Kinosaurus Films, will cost 520,000 euros, half of which will be paid by EFI. Filming will begin in July 2015 and, like "The Spy and the Poet", its set to premiere in spring 2016.

EFI also provided a letter of commitment to fund "Apothecary Melchior, The Curse of St. Olaf" (Apteeker Melchior. Oleviste kiriku saladus) in 2016. Produced by Estonian company Exitfilm, alongside Czech, Irish and Finnish co-producers, the film is based on a series of famous Estonian crime novels by Indrek Hargla. Due to be directed by Peter Urbla, the film is planned to have a budget of 1.98 million euros, of which EFI is expected to provide 450,000 euros.

Editor: M. Oll

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