Russian submarine and support vessel spotted near Latvia ({{commentsTotal}})

The two Russian navy vessels were sailing in the Latvian economic zone today.

The Latvian defense forces reported in social media that a Russian Finik class monitoring and research ship and an accompanying submarine were located 10 nautical miles from the Latvian border on February 6.

The Finik class ships are usually used to carry our hydrographic research.

Normunds Stafeckis of the Latvian National Armed Forces told Postimees that the ships were moving very close to the Latvian border. He added that it is not known what the ships were doing in the area, and although it is not strictly compulsory to alert foreign authorities of their presence and the ships did not break the law, it is common courtesy to give advance notice when approaching another countries borders.

Estonia has previously reported similar approaches to and violations of its airspace.

Editor: M. Oll