Estonia does not have surplus of weapons which Ukraine needs, says defense minister ({{commentsTotal}})

Weighing in on the weapons-for-Ukraine debate, Estonian Defense Minister Sven Mikser said Estonia does not have an abundance of weapons which Ukraine needs in the conflict.

Mikser said that Ukraine should be helped in many fields so as to stop it crumbling economically or in the war. He said different Western nations have different capacities to help Ukraine and any help should be based on realistic needs.

“Estonia clearly has non-material aid to give, which we realistically have and can offer, and which could be necessary and useful for Ukraine,” Mikser said.

Latvia has said it is focusing building up its own armed forces, after years of low defense spending was turned around in 2015.

Lithuania recently agreed to train Ukrainian troops and is going ahead with a Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade. Juozas Olekas, the Lithuanian defense minister, did not rule out military aid to Ukraine.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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