Ebola receding, but not under control, says Estonian expert ({{commentsTotal}})

Kuulo Kutsar, an adviser at the Estonian Health Board, said the number of new cases of Ebola is far smaller than many international organizations predicted, the epidemic yet to be brought under control.

He told Eesti Päevaleht new breakouts in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone can not yet be ruled out.

“The path of the epidemic can be predicted, to a great extent, only if a states health care system is functioning – it has enough medical ability, medical staff and is able to implement methods against outbreaks,” Kutsar said.

He said the virus could have spread to Nigeria, Senegal and Mali, but methods to halt the epidemic were quickly implemented. “The situation in three nations turned for the better when US medical personnel and WHO stepped in.”

According to WHO, the World Health Organization, there were 22,495 people infected with Ebola last week. 8,981 have died of the virus so far. International organizations had earlier predicted 1.4 million infected people by January.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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