Digital prescription most popular e-service in Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

A biannual e-services user satisfaction survey 2014, ordered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and conducted by TNS Emor, shows that 71 percent of people who use the Internet, are satisfied with the e-services the state and local governments of Estonia offer. This is four percent more than in the last survey from 2012.

The digital prescription service, which is the most popular e-service in Estonia, also received the highest satisfaction rating. Other well-received services were the opportunity to purchase the recreational fishing right ID-tickets online, and submit queries to the National Archives through The second and third most widely used online services in 2014 were the e-tax return and state duty payments through online banks.

The survey also showed that a typical user of online services is an Estonian-speaker with higher education.

"The respondents said that the well organized and developed state and local e-services help to save time and find more information, but also save them money and reduce bureaucracy. Yet, there are still services that are too difficult for people to use," said Janek Rozov, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affair's Department of Information Society Services Development.

TNS Emor interviewed 1,010 people for the survey.

Editor: M. Oll