Finnish analysts: Putin has essentially admitted that Russia has missiles in Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Finnish political analysts' reading of the Minsk-2 agreement is that Russia has admitted its role in the war in Ukraine - something that has been considered self-evident in the West but which the Putin regime has steadfastly denied.

The clause in question is the one about the withdrawal of heavy weaponry from the front lines, said András Rácz and Sinikukka Saari of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs in a new comment.

The text refers directly to Tornado-S missile systems, which is high-tech system that could only have been supplied by Russia, say the researchers. Russia introduced the Tornado-S in 2012 and has not sold it abroad.

Rácz and Saari theorize that the mention of the system made it into the final version of the accords unnoticed by Russia. Retired Estonian General Ants Laaneots, the former chief of defense agreed in an interview with

"The Russians have always denied their involvement on the separatist side, so I think it is purely a typo - someone from the Putin team failed to notice it," said Laaneots.

Editor: K. Rikken