Continent's largest fishing festival draws 5,000 to Viljandi ({{commentsTotal}})

Around 5,000 fishermen descended on Lake Võrtsjärv, covered by 32 centimeters of ice, next to Viljandi for Fishfest 2015 competition, and although only six of the 300 marked fish were caught, the main prize, a brand new car, did find a new home.

Ardo Agasild, Viljandi's deputy mayor, said there is no threat of the lake being emptied by fish and that the festival stimulates the town's tourism industry.

Organizer Priit Kallas said the tagged fish that would have meant a new car for the lucky angler was not caught, but the car was still handed to a lucky winner after a quiz challenge.

Still, one fisherman caught a fish bearing the marking from last year's competition.

The 270-square-kilometer lake will next host a world championships in spin fishing in the fall.

Editor: J.M. Laats