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The Estonian security official who was illegally seized by Russian federal authorities at the Estonian border, Eston Kohver, received a visit from an Estonian consul and was permitted to take part in the advance voting round from his prison in Moscow.

“The Estonian consul in Moscow today visited Eston Kohver. The consul carried out election procedures and Eston Kohver was able to give his vote at the Parliament elections,” Estonian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mariann Sudakov told ERR.

"That was Eston's own wish and of course we did our part. But from another point of view – if we step back and think that this man is in Lefortovo under very harsh conditions, but he holds this step to be important, it demonstrates his fortitude, it shows the kind of man he is. I am proud of him. And maybe there is food for though for those of us who are not bothered to open our laptops or who are too lazy to walk around the corner to a polling station. This man, sitting in a Russian prison, does it and takes part in our elections,” Jüri Luik, the Estonian ambassador to Moscow, said.

Luik said the preliminary investigation for the Kohver case should be complete by the end of March. He added that there is little Estonia can do, but it did manage to stop a psychiatric inspection on Kohver, which Russian authorities wanted to do.

Sudakov added that messages from loved ones in Estonia were also handed to Kohver, as well as food. “Eston Kohver appreciates the support from back home and on an international level. He said his health is fine.”

Estonian representatives last met Kohver a week ago, and will do so again at the beginning of March.

Parliament elections in Estonia will take place on March 1. Advance voting in embassies is taking place between February 14-19.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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