Rõivas most popular PM candidate ({{commentsTotal}})

A poll commissioned by ERR and conducted by Turu-uuringute AS found that the greatest number of voters want current PM Taavi Rõivas to take the post again after the elections, although it also found this contingent is declining.

Rõivas has seen his personal popularity drop from 27 percent in November to just 19 percent now, a week from general elections, ETV reported on Sunday.

Center Party's Edgar Savisaar comes second, with a current rating of 14 percent, the same as in November. IRL's candidate for the top job, Juhan Parts, is third with 10 percent, passing Sven Mikser (now on 9 percent).

Of the fringe parties, Mart Helme scored 6 percent and Artur Talvik, the Free Party's candidate for the PM spot, got a 3-percent backing. Neither was measured in November, when the previous poll was taken.

The only major change is how the voters from different ethnic groups revolved around Savisaar, who only scored 6 percent among ethnic Estonians, but 56 percent among Russian-speakers. No other candidate scored more than 3 percent in the latter demographic.

Rõivas is the most popular among the under 24 (37 percent) and the 25 to 34 (26 percent) age groups, Savisaar topped the 50-64 demographic (22 percent) and the 65-74 (21 percent) group. Parts (17 percent) was the most popular among the 74+ age group.

Editor: J.M. Laats