Eastern border reconstruction priced at €70 million over four years ({{commentsTotal}})

Interior Minister Hanno Pevkur introduced the plan to upgrade the border with Russia over the next four years, including marking, developing surveillance capabilities and building up infrastructure.

The 70-million-euro cost should cover the entire eastern land border from Narva-Jõesuu in the north to the beginning of the border with Latvia in the south.

“No doubt it is a large investment which will need financing decisions by the new government. I hope the new government, formed after the elections, understands the importance of the border upgrade in guaranteeing the security of the nation, and will continue the work to offer the best border security,” Pevkur said.

Besides the land border, the plan also sees better marking for the border on Lake Peipus, and other water bodies with 621 floating markings.

This year the state will continue buying up private land around the border area, complete a detailed land border project and find IT solutions. If financing is approved, the first surveillance equipment will be placed on border areas already this year.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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