Lauri: the impression is that only the Greeks are suffering ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Finance Minister Maris Lauri said the current situation with Greece leaves an impression that only the south European nation is suffering, German newspaper die Welt reported.

Lauri's discontent came apparent two weeks ago when Greece's Finance Minster Yanis Varoufakis called the situation in Greece a humanitarian crisis. Lauri said that she understands Greece is suffering hard times, but the term “humanitarian crisis” should be saved for such troubles as in Mali, Sudan or Syria, the newspaper reported.

“The Euro group meeting last week was very emotional. It seemed only they are suffering and no one else,” she said, “Comparing our economic figures then Estonia is probably among the largest helpers of Greece.”

The difference between Greece and Estonia, Lauri told the newspaper, was that the Estonian government was honest with the public during the financial meltdown and the path to getting out of the crisis was clear and understood. Greece is still stuck in the crisis. She said there is still time to be honest with the public and explain the options the nation has.

Editor: J.M. Laats