Two new parties break 5% threshold, clinch seats in Parliament ({{commentsTotal}})

An hour before all precincts had reported and the Reform Party had won the elections, two relatively new parties vying for a place in Parliament clinched a spot, passing the 5 percent threshold.

The Free Party, founded this year, and the Conservative People's Party, an heir of a former coalition party People's Union, each have over 30,000 votes (and counting) and will have at least 5 seats each in Parliament.

The Free Party was founded by Andres Herkel, who left the conservative party IRL; while the Conservative People's Party is a Euroskeptic, anti-immigration party often termed right-populist. Its most prominent members are Mart Helme, a former ambassador to Russia, and his son Martin Helme.

The electorate is just under 900,000 and turnout was 63.7 percent this year.



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