President: We need broader, more inclusive coalition ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has said the next coalition needs to have a broader base than the current cabinet does.

"I thank all the citizens who participated in the elections and used their vote to shape the future of Estonia," the president said following the March 1 general election.

"We now have a very different Parliament than before, hence a need for a more inclusive coalition and improved cooperation between the potential coalition partners, as well as between the coalition and the opposition," he said, referring to two new parties elected.

"Estonia needs a responsible and competent government who hold people's welfare, national defense, administration and the administrative reform, a successful preparation for the EU presidency, and the improvement of the political culture all equally important," the head of state added.

Ilves will soon start post-election meetings with all six parties elected to the Estonian Parliament.

The current Cabinet will leave office when the new Parliament convenes. The president then has 14 days to name the new prime minister candidate.


Editor: M. Oll

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