After tendering resignation, Tax and Customs Board director asked to continue ({{commentsTotal}})

Prior to the elections, Marek Helm, the top tax official, put in his resignation, saying he felt he lacked support after the agency was criticized for doing too much snooping.

But Finance Minister Maris Lauri on Monday said she wanted Helm to continue and Helm took back his letter of February 26.

"Helm has been under great pressure and scrutiny, but recent days have also brought many expressions of support, confirming that the tax board led by Helm has achieved good rapport with business organizations. Improved tax receipts also attest to his good work," said Lauri.

There had been a minor scandal over the tax board cracking down on use of company cars, conducting unannounced inspections in parking lots. The tax board has been fairly hands-off for years, but is now generally stepping up enforcement. This raised the hackles of some people.

Helm said yesterday that such inspections would remain suspended for the time being.

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