Ladõnskaja disputes vote count after losing by 1 vote ({{commentsTotal}})

IRL's Viktoria Ladõnskaja has challenged her vote count after she won by one vote in the national election, only to be docked two votes in a recount the next day, sending Sven Sester, also IRL, to the Parliament instead.

She told that she has a number of questions for the National Electoral Committee and has asked for a second recount.

“Among other things I am interested in learning why my vote count changed after each count; why the spoiled ballot papers were not discovered in the beginning; and how can I be sure the ballot papers were not ruined after the first count,” Ladõnskaja said.

One of the spoiled ballot papers had one number crossed out while one was missing an election station stamp. She said she will appeal the second violation as it was not her nor the voter's fault.

Ladõnskaja has also asked for a recount of Sester's votes.

She received 1,395 votes on March 1, only to be denied two in the recount. Sester won with 1,394 votes.

Ladõnskaja, a free-lance journalist and writer, was recruited by IRL to woo the Russian-speaking population, which largely sees IRL as anti-Russian.

Editor: J.M. Laats