Rock festival website hit by ISIS cyber attack ({{commentsTotal}})

Rabarock, an annual rock festival in central Estonia, was hacked by someone claiming to be part of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The website displayed an audiovisual message “Hacked by Islamic State (ISIS), We are everywhere” in Arabic and in English, Postimees reported.

The same problem befell the official website of Solaris shopping and recreation center and a few other, seemingly random websites, worldwide.

Anto Veldre, an expert with the Information System Authority, said website owners should keep an eye on their websites. He told Delfi many think of creating a website as a one-off event, but maintenance is needed.

Veldre said many websites created with the help of free website software platforms become exploitable as soon as three months after creation if the security updates are not performed.

Hackers loyal to ISIS have previously successfully attacked a social media platform of the US Central Command, among other websites, twitter accounts and other social media sites.

Editor: J.M. Laats