January imports at lowest level of recent years ({{commentsTotal}})

According to Statistics Estonia, in January 2015, exports from Estonia amounted to 920 million euros and imports to Estonia to 963 million euros. The previous time that imports were below a billion euros was in December 2011.

In January, exports of goods increased by 1 percent and imports decreased by 5 percent compared to January 2014. The trade deficit was 43 million euros and it decreased by 68 million euros year on year.

The main imported commodities were electrical equipment (22 percent of total imports, up by 27 million euros compared to January 2014), mineral products (12 percent, down by 19 million euros), and agricultural and food products (10 percent, down by 18 million euros).

The main products which Estonia exported were electrical equipment (25 percent of total exports, up by 48 million euros), mineral products (11 percent) and wood and products thereof (10 percent).

Estonia trades most with Finland (15 percent of Estonia's total imports, 14 percent of exports), Sweden (12 percent imports, 21 percent exports), Germany (10 percent imports) and Latvia (11 percent exports). There was a significant decrease in exports to Russia (down by 53 million euros).


Main foreign trade partners of Estonia, January 2015 (Statistics Estonia)

Editor: M. Oll