Sweden dumps Estonian airline overnight ({{commentsTotal}})

The Swedish Transport Administration has ripped up three contracts with Estonian airline Avies on March 6, saying there are serious shortcomings with the company's service.

The administration points to canceled or late flights and unexplained inaccuracies, and four serious incidents. Avies has been replaced by a Danish airline on the three internal routes in Sweden, Postimees reported, adding that two new contracts with the company have also been canceled.

The Estonian Civil Aviation Administration said they do not know the exact details of the case, but they have had Avies under close scrutiny since October 2013, when problems with the company first became evident.

Avies serviced routes in Estonia and, until last week, between Estonia and Sweden. It has a fleet of 11 aircraft. The company also has around 120,000 euros in tax debt.

Editor: J.M. Laats