Tori horse gives birth to rare twins ({{commentsTotal}})

A mare of Estonian Tori breed has beaten all odds by giving birth to twins. A twin-birth is rare for all horse breeds, but this is the first known for Tori horses.

The twins, a male and female, were born in Topi farm in Lääne country, ETV reported.

The foals are now almost two weeks old. As it's very rare for both twins to survive, the owners waited for several days before announcing the rare birth. The pair, however, look fit and well. You can watch a video of them (in Estonian) here.

The foals were born at night and were a great surprise to the owners, who didn't know to expect two.

"As far as I'm aware, this is the first live birth of twins for a Tori horse," said Andres Vaan from the farm.

The owners are now looking for suitable names. Both must start with letter "p", as the mother is called Päike (Sun in English) and father Peron.

Tori breed originates from mainland Estonia and is a sturdy harness horse. It was developed between 1890-1950 by crossing native Estonian mares with European crossbred stallions.

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