Study: Estonians not overly satisfied with life ({{commentsTotal}})

According to Eurostat's recent study, Estonians are one of the EU nations least satisfied with their lives.

The study focused on how a person evaluates his or her life taken as a whole. It can be regarded as a key indicator of subjective well-being, Eurostat explains.

On a scale from 0 ("not satisfied at all") to 10 ("fully satisfied"), Estonians rated their overall life satisfaction 6.5 on average. That is among the lowest in the EU. Only in Bulgaria (4.8), Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal (6.2) and Croatia (6.3) is it even lower.

Life satisfaction varies among age groups. In Estonia, younger people are generally more satisfied than older generations. The satisfaction rate is highest among the 16-24 and lowest among the the 50-64-year-olds.

With an average of 8.0, inhabitants in Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the happiest in the EU. Of non-EU nationals the Swiss (8.0), Icelanders and Norwegians (7.9) and equally satisfied.

Young people tend to be more satisfied with life all over Europe. There average satisfaction level of males and females is nearly the same.

According to the study, health trumps financial situation to being the most important factor for life satisfaction. Labor market situation and social relations are also considered significant.

Editor: M. Oll