Novosjolov wins epee GP in Budapest ahead of 295 rivals ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian fencer and former world champion Nikolai Novosjolov took the gold medal in men's epee Grand Prix in Budapest.

Novosjolov beat Ivan Trevejo of France 15-6 to the title on Sunday, after winning the semi-final against Benjamin Steffen of Switzerland 15-10 and the quarter final against Korea's Jinsun Jung 15-12.

Bronze medals went to Steffen and Pavel Pitra of the Czech Republic.

A total of 296 male fencers from 54 countries competed in the Imre Vass Memorial Epee GP.

Novosjolov won the 2010 and 2013 World Championships in Paris and Budapest respectively. Both victories earned him the title Estonian Sportsman of the Year.

In the women's event, South Korea's Shin A Lam won the gold medal in front of Ana Maria Branza of Romania. Estonia's Erika Kirpu made it to 1/8-finals, where she lost 9-10 to Nathalie Moellhausen of Brazil, finishing 10th overall.

Kirpu has an individual bronze from 2014 World Championships in Kazan and three European and world championships medals from team epee, including a gold in the 2013 European Championships in Zagreb. She is the ruling Estonian Sportswoman of the Year 2014.

Editor: M. Oll

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