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Chairman of the Center Party Edgar Savisaar Source: Photo: ERR

Ex-prime minister's close friend Aadu Must told ERR that Savisaar's health has not deteriorated further, which in the circumstances is a postive news. Doctors at the Tartu University Clinic also confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that although Savisaar's condition is still very serious, it is not as life-threatening anymore.

Must, a lifelong friend of Savisaar and a board member of the Center Party, said that all the indicators at the Tartu University Clinic, where Tallinn's Mayor is currently hospitalized in an intensive care unit, showed that Savisaar's health condition has not worsened – rather, it has shown a slight improvement.

“The doctors said that the positive change in his health condition is not significant, but at least it hasn't deteriorated anymore,” Must said, emphasizing that Savisaar's recovery will not be easy and may take long time.

Savisaar is still in an intensive care unit under anaesthesia and his kidney and heart functions are supported by a medical equipment, such as dialysis machine. The doctors monitor his health closely and are ready to operate again, should the need arise, the Center Party disclosed in an official statement this afternoon. Center Party said that it will keep the public updated on Savisaar's progress, but will not send out briefings on a daily basis anymore.

Tallinn's Mayor and Center Party leader Edgar Savisaar was taken to the Clinic last week when he fell critically ill. It was disclosed on Monday that Savisaar was suffering from an acute infection, caused by a streptococcus bacteria. This resulted in a toxic syndrome and blood poisoning. On the same day, the doctors revealed that due to an aggressive infection, and to save his life, they had to amputate one of Savisaar's legs above the knee during the operation.

Center Party's board members will meet next Monday to discuss the current situation and make plans for future. Kadri Simson, an MP and Center Party's deputy leader, has already announced that the party will wait until Savisaar regains consciousness, before deciding whether someone else will take Savisaar's seat at the Riigikogu or become Mayor of Tallinn.

In the last election on March 1, Savisaar was elected with a record number of 25,000 votes to the Parliament. Last week, before having a chance to decide whether he will take up his seat or remain Mayor of Tallinn, he fell critically ill.

Editor: S. Tambur

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