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Former journalists, now MPs, Viktoria Ladõnskaja and Tanel Talve Source: (Martin Dremljuga/ERR)

IRL MP Viktoria Ladõnskaja, the only ethnic Russian IRL Parliament member, said the party needs a little change.

Speaking on ETV's “Kahekõne,” Ladõnskaja, who beat Sven Sester by only one vote to enter Parliament, said IRL is not a splintered party and the party's internal problems are not large enough to be fatal.

“This (re-invigoration) does not mean more of the likes of me, on the contrary, older members who have been in the party for a while have failed to shine recently. They need to be pushed forward more,” she said.

Speaking about her role in Parliament, Ladõnskaja said she would like to be part of the Cultural Affairs Committee as that is the field she feels she could be the most useful in.

IRL lost nine Parliament seats at the March 1 election, compared to the previous elections, and its support fell from 20.5 percent to just 13.7 percent. A number of reasons were highlighted, such as the unpopularity of its top candidate, Juhan Parts, as well as new conservative parties – the Free Party and the Conservative People's Party, taking IRL's votes.

Party Chairman Urmas Reinsalu said he will resign before the next party congress in June.

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