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The 13th Parliament of the Republic of Estonia
The 13th Parliament of the Republic of Estonia Source: (Martin Dremljuga/ERR)

Out of the 15 ministers, 13 were elected to Parliament and will make room for new MPs.

Of the 15 ministers, only Sven Sester (IRL) and Rannar Vassiljev (Social Democrats) failed to be elected to Parliament, with Sester falling short by one vote.

The replacement MPs are: Ivi Eenmaa, Mati Raidma, Kristjan Kõljalg, Vilja Savisaar-Toomast, Hardi Volmer, Marianne Mikko, Imre Sooäär, Meelis Mälberg, Einar Vallbaum, Mart Nutt, Andre Sepp, Mark Soosaar and Kalle Muuli.

That list is not complete as a number of other MPs could still resign, such as Edgar Savisaar, for health reasons or for other commitments; or Jaak Aaviksoo, who has promised to step back if elected to lead the Tallinn University of Technology.

Editor: J.M. Laats