Second ICT week will bring tech pros to Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

The second annual Estonian ICT Week that showcases the best public and private sector expertise and facilitates exchange of ideas and networking between ICT professionals, will take place from May 8-15 in Tallinn.

The ICT Week 2015 will focus on e-governance and e-residency, green IT, smart industries, fintech and the hardware evolution.

"Given the global nature of the technology sector, ICT Week 2015 goes well beyond Nordic-Baltic dimension, to attract a number of top-tier players to Tallinn to discuss the current and future affairs of ICT," said Hanno Tomberg, CEO of Enterprise Estonia, an organizing body of the ICT Week 2015.

Estonian ICT Week has become one of the most important information and communication technology themed event weeks in the region. It offers a mix of quality events involving the public and business sectors, to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, IT professionals, government leaders and policy-makers from all over the world.

This year's program features events like Garage48, a weekend hackathon format for IT professionals and to kick-start a new venture; a seminar on green IT, organized by Innovation Norway; and the Nordic Digital Day, dedicated to the Nordic ICT innovations and reforms.

A number of conferences will also take place in Tallinn over the week, including the IT management conference "NET/WÕRK", the Tallinn e-Governance Conference 2015, which will focus on the current state of e-governance, and Latitude59, an annual networking conference of the Nordic and Baltic start-up scene. You can find detailed information on these and many other ICT Week events here.

Editor: M. Oll

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