Kallas: new coalition lacks scorers ({{commentsTotal}})

Reform Party founder and former PM Siim Kallas said the current government is made up of people who assist, but do not score, to use sports terminology.

In an interview with TV3 Kallas said the coalition agreement can be interpreted in many ways, but it is safe with few risks.

He said there was no great ideological divide between the parties during the talks as all three wanted higher benefits for the low-earning bracket. He said that none of the parties had one great idea which they had to push through, so the talks took longer than usual.

Speaking about the Reform Party, Kallas said it is mere speculation that people such as Rain Rosimannus and Kristen Michal are calling the shots over PM Taavi Rõivas, but Rõivas now has the time and opportunity to establish himself as the leader.

Speaking about the events a year ago, which led to Kallas being sidelined in favor of Rõivas, he said a lot of what has been printed on the topic, including internal power struggles in the party, are, again, speculation. He said he is not bitter and all went well as a new generation is now in power.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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