Lauristin: Personal differences will split new government before next elections ({{commentsTotal}})

Social Democrat MEP Marju Lauristin said that although the coalition agreement deserves to be brought into effect, the coalition is likely to crumble due to personal conflict.

“The probability of successfully and efficiently governing for four years is low, in my opinion. An inability to work together and tensions in the future have been programmed into the Cabinet,” she told ERR.

She said the Cabinet will probably need reform at some point, and people will have to be swapped out or forced to resign if they cannot be worked with.

Lauristin said her party has reasons to be happy with the coalition agreement and the new government is left-leaning, adding that things such as an increase in child benefits and the tax-free-minumum rate are social democratic in nature.

The agreement itself is more specific than the previous coalition treaties, she said.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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