Reform MP: Helme ran off with founding document of Parliament group ({{commentsTotal}})

Reform Party MP Imre Sooäär said Martin Helme (EKRE) proposed the creation of a parliamentary group to protect traditional families, but ran out of the meeting with the documents once it became clear that pro-Cohabitation Act MPs would dominate the group.

On his social media site, Sooäär said that over a dozen MPs gathered to a meeting on Monday, aimed at launching the interest group and elect a chairman, for which two candidates were set up - Helme and himself.

“Martin Helme frantically counted up the votes of the founding members, and seeing that he was about to lose the chairman position, grabbed the founding document with the signatures of the members, and fled the room,” Sooäär said, adding that Helme ignored the Parliament's rules and regulations, and the principles of democratic elections.

Helme told Delfi that he did not run out, but went to find more members, saying he knew of other MPs who had expressed interest in joining the group. He said Sooäär had a plan to hijack the group from the very beginning and he will seek people to join the group before a chairman is elected.

Sooäär said he does not know who had signed the document before Helme grabbed it. Present in the founding meeting were most of the EKRE MPs, plus Priit Sibul (IRL), Helir Valdor Seeder (IRL), Heidy Purga, Kalle Palling, Eerik-Niiles Kross, Mati Raidma, Kristjan Kõljalg, Andre Sepp and Laine Randjärv (all Reform Party).

The intention behind the group was to debate over the Cohabitation Act, which was passed last year, but which still needs a number of implementing acts to be passed by Parliament before it takes effect. The act gives same-sex couples more legal rights. Out of the abovementioned, only EKRE MPs, Sibul and Seeder are likely to vote against those acts.

The bill was narrowly passed last year, and any vote this time is also likely to come close, especially as EKRE, the most vocal political force against the act, is now in the Parliament.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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