Terras on Veterans Day: state supports re-entrance of soldiers to civilian life ({{commentsTotal}})

On the third annual Veterans Day, celebrated on April 23 since 2013, Commander in Chief Lt. Gen. Riho Terras said the state supports troops ready to re-enter civilian life with education and home loans.

“We want to recognize especially those who have fought for Estonia in international foreign missions during the past few decades, and who have guaranteed that today, when Estonian security needs more focus, our allies are much more convinced that we should be protected,” Terras said.

Terras said Estonian soldiers have assured that our allies, North Americans, Germans, Brits and others are serious about us and our defense.

He said the aim is to give as much help as possible to those who have fought for Estonia, with special focus on those who have been injured or the families and loved ones of the fallen, Terras said, adding that those veterans who wish to return to civilian life, are also supported.

Around 3,000 Estonian soldiers have participated in foreign missions since 1995 in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Macedonia, Israel and Syria, Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Mali, the Gulf of Aden, the Mediterranean and the Central African Republic. 11 soldiers lost their lives during the operations.

A number of events surround the Veterans Day celebrations including a drive to collect funds for rehabilitation equipment. Last year around 68,000 euros was collected. The current figure for this year is over 45,000 euros with the aim to collect 80,000 euros.

A charity run was held and a free rock concert will be held in Tallinn's Freedom Square today. You can watch the live here at 21:00.

Find out how you can help here.

Editor: J.M. Laats