Ligi: Fuel tax hike protestors should feel ashamed ({{commentsTotal}})

Education Minister Jürgen Ligi said people going to the anti-fuel excise duty protest on Sunday should feel guilty, as burning fossil fuels is something to be ashamed about.

He said the protestors, who could number between 1,000 to 6,000, should be better informed about the plan, as the money will be used for other tax exemptions and child benefits for families.

Protesting against a 5 cent increase in the price of petrol is embarrassing, Ligi said, adding that such changes take place every day in petrol stations.

Ligi said it makes more sense taxing the burning of fossil fuel, not labor.

“Humanity is closing in on its own end at a very quick speed, largely due to burning fossil fuels. Cars are a weakness for all of us, but one should know how to be ashamed of it and postpone using them until alternatives are found,” Ligi said.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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