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Mart Helme
Mart Helme Source: Photo: ERR

Mart Helme has been re-elected to chair the Conservative People's Party (EKRE) and will begin his third year in charge, having guided the party to Parliament after a four-year break.

Helme said at the party congress on Saturday that Estonia is in a deep crisis and the current heads of the nation have neither the vision nor the will to pull Estonia out of the rut.

“Instead of seeking consensus between all political forces and merge ideas offered by different parties and groups in society into one package of solutions, with the help of their media collaborators, those in power have launched a which hunt against those who think differently, including us,” Helme said.

He said his party, not the coalition, has ideas to solve Estonia's problems, including researching and mining Estonia's natural resources, more efficient use of Estonia's forests, smarter state investments, inclusion of scientists and experts in the economy and stopping foreign companies from stealing from Estonia.

“The Conservative People's Party of Estonia is the only political power in Estonia whose mission is to awaken the nation, the awakening of the nation,” Helme said.

Martin Helme, Mart's son, Anti Poolamets and Merry Art were elected as deputy heads.

Editor: J.M. Laats