Kalju wins again as Levadia stumbles ({{commentsTotal}})

Last year's fourth place Nõmme Kalju continued its perfect season on Saturday, beating FC Infonet 1-0 to secure its eighth win from eight. FC Levadia, who failed to win only 10 games in the title-winning-2014 season, has now only three wins from eight matches.

Kalju beat Infonet by a lone Hidetoshi Wakui-goal on the 34th minute while Levadia were 2-0 down at half time against Pärnu Linnameeskond, but scored on the 66th and 83rd minute to gain a draw. Watch the Kalju game's highlights and Wakui's sublime goal here.

FC Flora continued putting pressure on Kalju by beating Paide Linnameeskond away 2-0, although both goals came in the last 10 minutes. Flora has now won seven and only lost once, to Kalju.

Kalju now has 24 points from a possible 24, with a goal difference of plus 17. Flora is second on 21 points, with Sillamäe Kalev and Levadia on 13 points. Infonet has 12, with Paide (2 points), Pärnu (5 points) and Viljandi (5 points) at the foot of the table. Tartu Tammeka is sixth with eight points and Narva Trans a point and a position lower.

Kalju is still a few games from a record with Levadia winning the first eight games in the 2006 season and the first 11 in 2009. Levadia won the league both times.

Kalju faces Narva away next week, followed by Narva again, but at home. If Kalju wins both games against Narva it will have a chance to equal Levadia's record against Infonet on May 16 in Tallinn, and then beat Levadia's record against Levadia itself at home on May 23.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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