Bahovski: Moscow holds all the trump cards in Ukraine conflict ({{commentsTotal}})

Russia's rebirth could begin in Ukraine, if history repeats itself, says editor-in-chief of the Diplomaatia magazine, Erkki Bahovski.

Bahovski said on ETV's “Välisilm” that Russia is defined by Ukraine, whether it controls Ukraine or doesn't, or a half-way solution as today.

Although sanctions and the low price of petrol are damaging Russian economy, the conflict is doing greater damage to Ukrainian economy, Bahovski said, adding that in that duel, Russia will win as it has greater resources.

“The question is what are the boundaries of the new system and how should Estonia and the West on the whole relate to the new situation,” Bahovski said, commenting on a speech at the recent Lennart Meri Conference where it was said the Helsinki Final Act is now dead and a new reality or system has set in.

Bahovski said the West has more economic and military power than Russia, but it is unable to concentrate that power, while Russia has been able to pull together its resources and still act unpredictably.

Russia is currently on the winning side, able to react quicker and concentrate resources better.

Editor: J.M. Laats