Terras: Baltic nations must enhance cooperation with Poland ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Defense Forces chief Lt. Gen. Riho Terras met with his Baltic colleagues in Lithuania on Tuesday. It was agreed that cooperation with much-larger Poland should be improved to better coordinate the defense of the region.

“The Baltic states have good cooperation with our ally Poland and it is natural that we enhance cooperation with Poland in our common actions as Poland has an important role in guaranteeing security around the Baltic Sea,” Terras said.

He added that he is happy with the work done in preparing the Baltic battalion for the NATO quick reaction force.

The three army heads decided they will meet twice a year, not once as previously, from now on.

The three nations will add one battalion to the NATO quick reaction force. The battalion will be led by Lieutenant Colonel Andrus Merilo, the current head of Estonia's Scouts Battalion.

The battalion will continue training together at the Saber Strike military games in June and at the Trident Juncture maneuvers in Spain in the fall.

The battalion is the third joint Baltic battalion. The first was active between 1994-2010 and the second was part of the 14th NATO reaction force.

Editor: J.M. Laats