Professor accused of embezzling €35,000 from university ({{commentsTotal}})

The Prosecutor's Office has sent a case to court involving molecular biology professor Madis Metsis, who is accused of embezzling 35,000 euros.

Metsis, who worked for the Tallinn University of Technology between 2005-2013 asked Ain Lang, owner and head of a company, to participate in a university tender. Allegedly Metsis told Lang that he himself will fill the procurement documents and provide the actual item of the tender.

Later it emerged that Lang and Metsis had no plans to fill and demand the fulfillment of the tender's requirements, and no actual item was handed over to the university.

The 35,700 euros was split between Metsis and Land, with the latter receiving 10 percent of the sum.

The university has already been compensated for the financial loss.

Editor: J.M. Laats